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Quick and efficient air duct cleaning and maintenance services.

Got any question related with cleaning air ducts? Keep on reading to get the correct answers. Find out the best ways to clean air ducts and the perfect time to have them replaced.

How are air-ducts cleaned?

Professional services use specialist equipment to draw and scrape any debris from your entire system of ducts. They ensure that any aspect of cleaning will not compromise your air quality by releasing particles of debris. Any particles of dirt and debris are trapped by a vacuum, which prevents them from escaping into the atmosphere of your home. If it is required, due to a severe cleaning need, a mold inhibitor or other chemical agent may be used to prevent reoccurrence of bacteria or other contaminants.

Can cleaning cause any damage to my system?

Professional standards of cleaning utilized tools and techniques to ensure that the ducts are cleaned and any accumulation of debris is removed, without causing any damage. During cleaning, your system will be turned off to prevent any debris particles being pulled further into the system. Air Duct Cleaning San Marino advises that homeowners should not worry about negative effects from cleaning. In fact, cleaning will improve the air flow which is more likely to assist your system to function more efficiently and effectively.

When will I need air duct replacement?

It would be an excellent idea if the air ducts are very old. Instead of going through the air duct cleaning and repair procedures, it will cost you less to do air duct replacement ensuring your good health, clean indoor air quality at home or in the office. The specialists from Air Duct Cleaning San Marino would also recommend replacing the ducts if they are completely damaged for any reason or some parts are missing.

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