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Air duct cleaning made easy with these simple-to-follow tips. Discover the secrets to healthy indoor air quality.

The basic rule of HVAC maintenance

The HVAC system consists of many parts and it won't work efficiently if you would only do air filter cleaning. Condenser unit cleaning has the meaning of removing excessive dust and letting air circulate properly. If there are damages, you must proceed with HVAC unit repair. Of course, if you want to improve your health and environment, air duct cleaning once a year is recommended.

Watch out during replacement

If you need to replace your air conditioning unit, keep in mind that it is very important to use a unit which is of the proper size. This will make sure that all joints are sealed appropriately. A unit which is too big will not have a regular cycle, while a small one will allow moisture to seep in.

Make sure the air ducts are sealed

Air duct seal repair is needed when there is an imminent problem with the HVAC system. Old ducts will definitely be damaged since they were joined together with simple duct tapes. Unsealed ducts will lead to air loss and you will be paying without actually consuming energy, according to our duct repair company in San Marino.

Vacuum regularly

To avoid having too much dust buildup in the air ducts, our experts recommend daily vacuuming. Dust particles that settle on the floor and on the furniture can go airborne and into the air ducts. If dust and dirt were collected even before they spread, then the airways at home would already be cleaner and safer.

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